the experience

Camp Connect

allows middle school students (rising 6th-9th grades) to be catalysts as we come together to serve our community as Jesus would have served. Students spend their time during the day in Pitt County, NC, serving through various projects, assisting with local vacation Bible schools, or using their drama and musical gifts to engage the community and build relationships.

Day projects are designed to connect students to the heart of God and allow each student to grow into what He’s calling them to be. This camp is about transformation and restoration, not only in the lives of students but also in the lives of the people they serve.

Daytime activities will include participation in either project sites, outreach activities including dance and drama, or VBS opportunities.

Evenings will be spent on East Carolina’s campus experiencing community as the body of Christ, debriefing work experiences, eating, worshiping and hanging out with other middle school-age kids and team leaders.

Camp culminates on Thursday, June 27th, with a worship and commissioning service at St. James United Methodist Church

letter from drew

For a middle school student in North Carolina, possibly the most exciting feeling in the world is waking up to snow on a school day. You go to sleep the night before knowing that the forecast calls for it, but trying not to get your hopes up just in case it doesn’t come. Then you wake up, and your hopes have never been higher. You rush to the nearest window, take a deep breath, and say a little prayer as you rip back the curtains and look outside. The moment of anticipation is changed to delight as you see the snow that seems to have appeared out of nowhere. The snow changes everything, at least for that one school day, and there seems to be no greater feeling.

Do you know that there is something that can bring even greater anticipation than a snow day? I know it’s hard to imagine, but this is something that was predicted a long, long time ago. Something that has the power to change not just a day, a week, a month, or a year, but your whole life. Something that brings hope to those who are hopeless, peace to those who are anxious, and love to those who feel worthless. It is grace!

Titus 2:11-14 tells us that Jesus has come and brought with Him grace that changes everything for us. It is because of Him and for Him that we bring you Camp Connect 2019: Grace is here. We look forward to seeing you the week of June 23-27!

Because of His grace,