serving opps

overwhelming outpouring

In order to make Camp Connect a reality, we need an overwhelming outpouring of support from our participating church families. The planning team for Camp Connect has established different teams with specific roles and responsibilities.

Operationally, there are teams designated to communicate and promote the camp experience, plan meals, identify projects, organize outreach activities and gather and allocate resources for work teams, provide logistical and operational facility support, organize transportation to and from work sites, and register students for camp.

The relational division of the planning team is charged with providing support for small groups, organizing the evening gathering program, developing group activities, identifying prayer warriors, and providing medical oversight.

small group leaders

Camp Connect Small Group leaders love Jesus and love students and have a heart for investing in the kingdom. They give up a week of their time to love on middle school students and go through life with them.

Those who wish to work with small groups, must go through a rigorous application and interview process. In addition, a mandatory leadership training class is required the week prior to camp.


how can I help?

There are numerous ways to become involved in Camp Connect with service and giving opportunities designed to fit people’s budget, time, calling and ability. If you are interested in participating in Camp Connect in any of the ways listed below, please contact your church youth pastor or someone on your youth team.

I can donate:

  • snacks or money for snacks
  • first aid supplies
  • scholarship money
  • money to wherever it is most needed

I can serve by:

  • driving students to work sites
  • joining a planning team
  • packing snacks
  • supervising a project
  • providing evening supervision
  • providing medical assistance
  • assisting with registration set-up and/or camp pack-up\
  • joining the prayer team
  • becoming a small group leader

We invite you to minister to and bless both students and our community by your service and to go deeper in your walk with Christ as you are challenged to step out in faith.